Food is our source of life and daily energy, yet our food consumption has become increasingly neglected. On a daily basis, people are eating more foods and more of what’s bad. We want to diet and be healthy, but diet is not the solution. It’s all about lifestyle. Food is our life. At Copper Branch, we’re getting back to basics and serving you healthy foods that wholly come from nature. We offer you real food energy, with the focus of promoting health and vitality, great taste, convenience, and responsibility. Make every meal count and live your life to the fullest at Copper Branch.

Our Mission is to serve you 100% vegan powerfood made entirely from wholesome and unprocessed ingredients. Our entire menu is plant-fueled.

With increasing demand and popularization for healthier-food options, Copper Branch is serving what consumers want. It’s all about lifestyle and making every one of your meals count. Offering deliciously wholesome ingredients that are high in nutrition, organic, and low in sugar and saturated fats, in an effort to avoid gluten, GMOs, processed foods, meat, and frying, the Copper Branch menu is serving only the best and most wholesome plant-based nutrition, with a definite emphasis on taste and experience.

Food Is Our Health. Continuous food studies are revealing the links between food and diet to our health and it has become common public knowledge of the importance of eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle. What we consume on a daily basis represents the cornerstone to improving our health and preventing diseases. Plant-based foods, including kale, apples, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, eggplants, quinoa, steel-cut oatmeal, chia seeds, and many other tasty and all-natural ingredients, are of the healthiest ingredients available to eat.

Copper Branch strives to educate and promote health throughout our world. Food is energy. Eating healthy foods provides our body with natural and positive energy; positive energy allows us to live life to the fullest. At Copper Branch, not only do we serve the best tasting and healthiest plant-based foods, we serve positive energy; we serve happiness.

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