During the month of October, together, our donation to Rainforest Trust, we have helped protect over 672 acres!

As well, our donation has helped fund these incredible initiatives:

  • A recent purchase in Ecuador to expand the protection of Tapichalaca Reserve that encompasses spectacular montane forest on the eastern Andes slope, one of the most biodiverse regions in the world (picture of Maranon Valley in the Tapichalaca Reserve attached).
  • In Cameroon, the government created its first marine and terrestrial national park thanks to the work of Rainforest Trust and our local partner. The declaration upgraded the Douala-Edea Wildlife Reserve, first created in 1932, to national park status, and it approved a nearly 350,000-acre expansion that includes mangrove forests, rivers, wetlands and marine habitats, providing permanent protection for the Endangered Central African Chimpanzee. Collectively, this expansion and conversion actively safeguard a total of 741,000 acres, almost the size of Yosemite National Park.
  • The designation of over 25,000 acres of land formerly slated for logging as a new protected area for wildlife. The new Lawit-Cenana State Park in the Kenyir region of Terrenganu, Malaysia is phase one of a much larger conservation project that will encompass nearly 250,000 acres that lies within a globally important Tiger Conservation Landscape and critical wildlife corridor. Over a dozen Critically Endangered Malayan Tigers have been recorded in the area, while the global population is established at fewer than 250 mature individuals in the wild (picture of Malayan Tiger attached).

Together, we had truly helped make a difference.