What are Power Foods? Copper Branch takes pride in serving a 100% plant-based menu consisting of whole foods served in the most appetising and convenient way. Power Foods are wholly unprocessed ingredients that are packed with incredible nutritional benefits and proven energy-promoting values. They are the new standard in food, where pure plant-based energy is your fuel.


Sore in muscles after a vigorous workout? Eat ginger! Suffering from Candida? Incorporate some ginger in your meals! Feeling sick and inflamed due to cold? Ginger is the answer! Having hard times to digest food? Get some… you know, ginger is the royalty among superfoods with centuries long reputation! It has always been used to treat nausea whether while seasick or after cancer therapy. Do you feel like you are ready to ginger up? Find ginger in our granola, Bombay soup, or Power Bowl dressings to test out the benefits yourself!