We would love to partner you with a community called Khe Krom. The community is in the North of Cambodia and there are nearly 300 children who had never had access to education before the school, UWS Khe Krom, was built in 2015. I have attached some pictures of the community and school but your donation would combine with two other schools, one in the US and the other in HK, to cover the running of the school in 2018.

We recently had a short update on the school from our Programmes Director:

UWS Khe Krom continues to be at the heart of the village community. One of the best things has been the development of the community teachers and the arrival of a new Government teacher. The new teacher is really keen to ensure students understand about hygiene and also about ways to vary their diet and grow vegetables. This is such an important area and we really hope that we will see a big increase in life expectancy over the next 10 years, directly resulting from the work he is doing.

One issue we are facing is students being drawn into working in the rubber plantations. The work is extremely long and hard, with young boys having to live at the plantation with grown men in a close and often scary environment. The students are drawn to the job as a way of supplementing the family income to ensure that they have food if the rice crop is insufficient. The pay is very good, even for the young boys. They each receive around US$3 per day, which is comparable to the local teachers in your UWS School. To make sure that students going out to work don’t fall behind we have been running additional lessons at night time. We also offer students the chance to take resources like library books to their homes so they can practice their reading.