#JoinTheFight with Canadian Cancer Society & Relay For Life.

Ever since the commencement of this partnership in 2016, Copper Branch has seeked out for plentiful opportunities to be involved in events and charity organized with the help of Canadian Cancer Society. Copper Branch is an official sponsor of the Relay For Life West Island, which is a great opportunity we are grateful for. Our team has been given an opportunity to meet and serve the amazing supporters, survivors, and a team of volunteers on June 4th and June 10th at Relay For Life West Island!

Copper Branch supports the values that Canadian Cancer Society stands for – health, wellbeing, support, and education. Our passion brings us together to educate people about cancer, help cancer survivors and fighters, propagate healthy lifestyle, serve foods that reduce the risk of cancer and are even being studied as potential cancer-fighting foods. Together with Canadian Cancer Society and Relay For life, we work closely to provide support in all aspects of your life.


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