Cancer Societies

Copper Branch is committed to serving foods that empower the body and promote longevity of life. We are proud to work with powerful organizations like the Canadian Cancer Society, Lymphoma Canada, and many others in our mission to promote plant-based foods. Now more than ever, it is no secret that a plant-based diet can reduce the risks and in some cases, even reverse cancer and disease.

Rainforest Trust

Our commitment to building a better world. We are a proud sponsor of Rainforest Trust, an incredible organization protecting our planets most endangered rainforest land and wildlife by partnering with local and community organizations. With a donation of only $10, Rainforest Trust can protect over an acre of endangered land! This is our commitment to building a better world!

United World Schools

Empowering our youth through education. As part of our Organic & Fairtrade Coffee & Tea sales, Copper Branch is donating a portion to United World Schools. UWS is an incredible organization dedicated to improving education for some of the world’s poorest children. They provide a free basic education to children living in remote and marginalised communities. “We teach the unreached.”

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Copper Branch Markets with a Purpose

The plant-based fast casual puts its money where its mouth is. OUTSIDE INSIGHTS JULY 2019 BY ROM KRUPP COPPER BRANCH "Too many messages can pose a real challenge so we are streamlining," says Copper Branch CEO Rio Infantino. With 60 locations across the U.S., Canada,...

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A Second Extraordinary Personality for Copper Branch!

Montreal, May 28th 2019 The vegan restaurant chain Copper Branch is launching the second creative execution of its recent advertising campaign. After Jesperi Kotkaniemi, Montreal Canadiens player, the second extraordinary personality to partake in the campaign is...

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