Have you heard about phytochemicals? The word comes from Greek “phyto” – plant. They are simply chemical compounds naturally occurring in plants that can influence our complex body processes. Did you know that they prevent DNA damage, lower inflammation, reduce the damage of good cells and the growth of cancer cells? Here are some of the phytochemicals (from the big big list of existing phytochemicals) we have in our food:

  1. Carotenoids in carrots, sweet potatoes, cooked tomatoes, dark leafy greens, broccoli;
  2. Flavonoids in citrus fruits, onions, soy and soy products;
  3. Indoles, Glucosinolates, and Isothiocyanates in all cruciferous veggies (think collard greens, broccoli, cabbage);
  4. Isoflavones in soy and soy products (tofu, tempeh, soy milk);
  5. Polyphenols in whole grains, green tea, berries, and citrus fruits;

All these foods are easily accessible and very common, but don’t let them fool you. All of them are very powerful – they are said to help against antioxidation, boost the immunity, fight carcinogens and even potentially inhibit tumour growth!
If you want to know more about specific ingredients and the types of cancer they prevent or treat, make sure to check out our “power foods” list. At Copper Branch, we take our job responsibly – we have already already incorporated these powerful nutritious ingredients into our savoury dishes that we are proud to serve you daily.

The research on plant-based diet and its cancer-fighting properties goes on, so who knows what are other amazing benefits will we discover soon? Think about building good habits now and treat yourself with a delicious plant-based meal right away. Fuel up on plant power, be your best, live fully, and enjoy every bite!