Copper Branch is incredibly proud to be partnered with Rainforest Trust. Through our loyalty program, every time you use your My Copper Branch Rewards card, a portion is directly donated to Rainforest Trust, an incredible organization protecting our planet’s most endangered rainforest land and animals.

As an update for March 2019, together, we have help saved over 2988 acres! These acres protect endangered species…like frogs.

From fairy tales and folklore to the Muppets, humans have been fascinated by frogs for generations. Not just green, frogs are some of nature’s most colorful and dynamic creatures, with more than 4,700 different species serving as indicators of habitat health around the world. But our frogs are suffering from climate change, and they face threats from many predators — including humans. The Critically Endangered Togo Slippery Frog, found only along the banks of two freshwater streams in Ghana, is often illegally hunted as a source of food, like many amphibian species across Africa. In Latin America, the bright red Endangered Splendid Poison Frog in the forests of Panama is often captured, not as a meal, but for the toxins found in its skin that are used in hunting larger animals. With these grave threats, frogs are quickly disappearing from our planet.

But thanks to our incredible contributions, there is hope!

Through your generous support of the Conservation Action Fund, you are helping create safe havens for frogs in countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Panama and Madagascar. Your gift ensures that even the planet’s smallest creatures like frogs will have a dedicated place to thrive.

Thank you for your participation in My Copper Branch Rewards, a reward for you and our planet.