For the months of November and December 2018, together through the Copper Branch Rewards program, we have produly contributed to SAVING over 1076 acres and protecting our precious Rainforest land! What an incredible feat! Here are some specifics examples accomplished:

☆ In Peru, Rainforest Trust worked with ten indigenous communities to protect over 500,000 acres. With the Costa Rican government RT declared the country’s first shark sanctuary in Golfo Dulce. This marine protected zone safeguards the main birthing and nursing area for the endangered Scalloped Hammerhead.

☆ Last fall, RT reached out to their partners for help, desperate to purchase 1,465 acres (nearly twice the size of Central Park) in Brazil to create the first-ever protected area for the Critically Endangered Blue-eyed ground-Dove, which was considered extinct for 70 years until it was re-discovered on this very property in 2016. Fewer than 50 birds could be found after intensive searches across its unique tropical cerrado habitat – an area under extreme pressure for agriculture and ranching. Thanks to your tremendous support, Rainforest Trust and their Brazilian partner were able to purchase this property last October 25! This strategic purchase, together with a regional campaign to protect the dove and its unique habitat, galvanized Brazilian authorities to create the 88,175-acre Botumirim State Park around our new Blue-eyed Ground Dove Reserve!

Feel amazing with your participation in this great initiatives! Everytime you use your Copper Branch loyalty card, a portion is directly donated to Rainforest Trust.