Collectively for the month of September 2018, we have saved over 700 acres of rainforest (this is based on average cost per acre of $2/acre) as well as helped fund these incredible initiatives:

Establishment of the first marine reserve, Golfo Dulce, in Costa Rica.  A month or two ago, 10,404 acres of critical nursery habitat for the Endangered Scalloped Hammerhead Shark were permanently protected.  This is an exciting first phase to ensure that the Endangered Scalloped Hammerhead Shark will be saved for generations to come.

Rainforest Trust has also saved 25,644 acres of strategic lowland rainforest in Malaysia to establish Kenyir State Park.  This area was a logging concession and at real risk of being destroyed, as well as home to the critically endangered Malayan Tigers, so its permanent protection provides a vital lifeline for the species survival.  Three baby tiger cubs were caught on camera recently, which is the first sign of breeding in the area since 2014, which increases the importance of this state park.