It’s time we serve our community powerful and responsible foods. Enjoy our 100% Plant-Based – Power Food menu at a Copper Branch near you. Feel great about the food you eat.

Our mission is simple: serve our community quality, whole foods and offer the world real food as fast-food for a change.

We’re getting back to basics; serving healthy and wholesome foods and offering real food energy with the focus of promoting health and vitality, great taste, convenience, and responsibility. These are power food meals you can trust and feel great about eating.

Health and disease have increasingly become modern worries, and continuous studies are proving the negative links between meat, typical fast-food, GMO, and lack of exercise to various diseases and health implications. Our founder was inspired to change this and make plant-based nutrition convenient, accessible, and, most importantly, great tasting.

Working his entire life in the fast-food industry and suffering with years of gaining weight and health problems, our founder was fed up with serving foods that have no nutritional value. He wanted to create a menu that stood for quality and health. A menu made of ingredients that he would want to eat and share with his family. And from there, Copper Branch grew.

Our goal is to branch across the globe, serving you, your friends, and family great tasting, chef-inspired, and conveniently-served plant-based meals in an effort to nourish and inspire the mainstream with proven Power Foods. We aspire for everyone to live their lives to the ultimate fullest. To empower, energize, and make people feel their best.

“Copper Branch is a beautiful mission in our efforts to serve gourmet plant-based foods conveniently to the mainstream market. This is real power food! This is food I want my children to eat!”

Rio Infantino

Our Founder

Our Name: Copper Branch is a name inspired to reflect our mission and values. Copper reflects our values in quality cooking and energy. Copper is both a metal often used in gourmet cookware as well as being both conductive and beautiful. It perfectly reflects our values in offering quality foods that are prepared naturally and deliciously. Branch manifests the nature, its value to us, and our involvement with it extending from our foods to our responsibility to preserving our environment.

Our Motto: Live Life To The Fullest. Food is our energy and our life. Let’s choose to eat foods that actually nourish the body, that inspire us with flavour and variety, and that are good for our body and our planet.
Live plant-fueled everyday and live life to the fullest, with help from Copper Branch.

Fight Against Cancer

Find out what is it so special about plants that they protect and prevent from cancer.
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Power Foods

Our goal is to serve you the dishes full of nutritional benefits, so you can enjoy vitality and savor every bite of your meal.
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Our Environment

We are a truly green restaurant. All of our food, products, packaging, and restaurant interiors are focused on environmental-responsibility.
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Chef-Inspired Flavors

Our chef-inspired plant-based meals are some of the healthiest and best tasting foods available, using only the most natural and freshest ingredients, packaged for the mainstream market.

Power Foods That Nourish

Our menu is made with actual healthy foods that are good for the body and prevent disease. We focus on health and providing healthy foods to our customers is our main objective.

Environment & Responsibility

At Copper Branch, we serve the best quality ingredients – avoiding GMOs and frying – prepared with the highest ethical and environmentally-responsible standards.