First, plant food aids in cancer prevention because it naturally contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that strengthen your immune system. Plant ingredients are very nutrient dense as well. Especially fruits and vegetables – they are low in calories and, at the same time, packed with a plentiful of beneficial nutrients. It so much is easier to nourish your body with great stuff while on a plant-based diet without putting a lot of effort.

Furthermore, plants are said to work well in treating cancer just as in preventing it. For instance, dietary fiber already has a strong link with the lower risk of cancer. However, research shows that it may also be able to “starve off” certain types of cancer. Fiber-rich food speeds up and improves the digestion. As a bonus, fiber helps weight management by keeping you full longer. Opting for whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits will boost your fiber intake.

Protective against cancer, plant-based diets are lower in fat and higher in fiber than meat-based diets. They are also full of foods that have phytochemicals, cancer-fighting substances.