Copper Branch is proud to announce the opening of its 36th location, now in Edmonton, Alberta! 

Our newest location is located at: 10316 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 1Y7. Featuring a spacious and beautiful interior, our new Edmonton location is located at the heart of Edmonton and is ready to serve our full 100% Plant-Based Power Food menu! 

Meat-consumption and the desire for healthier options is on a rise. “If you think about it, vegans make up a very small portion of the eating public,” says Liane Faulder, a food writer for the Edmonton Journal. “Dalhousie University did a study recently and noted that 2.3 per cent of Canadians call themselves vegan [and] only just over seven per cent of Canadians call themselves vegetarians. But the same study found, interestingly, that 43 per cent of those who were surveyed said that they were really interested in more plant-based eating.

We look forward to nourishing our Edmonton community our plant-based menu.