What are Power Foods? Copper Branch takes pride in serving a 100% plant-based menu consisting of whole foods served in the most appetising and convenient way. Power Foods are wholly unprocessed ingredients that are packed with incredible nutritional benefits and proven energy-promoting values. They are the new standard in food, where pure plant-based energy is your fuel.


Have you already fallen in love with avocados?! These “alligator pears” are an excellent source of fiber and vitamins B5, B6, E, K as well as minerals such as folate and potassium. Avocados work to aid your metabolism, lower blood pressure, make bones healthier, and improve cholesterol levels. This humble power food is proud to be high in fat content – avocados help to absorb other fat soluble vitamins. Meet them in our dishes General Copper bowl or Matcha Lime Smoothie bowl. Or how about guacamole in Aztec bowl or Sweet Potato and Black Bean burger? You decide!

Avocado can be found in our General Copper Bowl, Matcha Lime Smoothie Bowl, Aztec Power Bowl, and more!