What are Power Foods? Copper Branch takes pride in serving a 100% plant-based menu consisting of whole foods served in the most appetising and convenient way. Power Foods are wholly unprocessed ingredients that are packed with incredible nutritional benefits and proven energy-promoting values. They are the new standard in food, where pure plant-based energy is your fuel.


Turmeric (curcuma) is the spice valued like a gold dust. Why? First, it has long been a liver detoxifier and supporter. Also, turmeric is very likely to prevent several types of cancer like breast, cervical and prostate cancer. In addition to its link with lower risk of Alzheimer’s diseases, turmeric is high in antioxidants that prevent DNA damage. The spice also acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent, and is considered as a depression treatment.

Are you ready to add turmeric to your food “power list”? We already did by adding this spice to our tofu scramble, carrot keftedes, Gandhi smoothie and many other dishes for you to enjoy and be your best.

Photo by Taylor Kiser on Unsplash