Vegan Food For All Occasions!

The number of Google searches for the term “vegan” have grown more than 250% in the last 5 years, indicating that more and more people are interested in a healthier lifestyle. For health and food-conscious people looking to enjoy a meal out with friends, Copper Branch is the place to visit. Our menu is 100% plant-based and designed on 3 core values of delivering chef-inspired flavour, power foods that nourish the body, and preparing foods with the highest ethical and environmentally-responsible standards.

Eating Vegan All Year Round

As the time of year changes, so do the fruits and vegetables available for your vegan diet. It is a good idea to season match your menu to ensure that you are including the freshest food available at any time. While produce availability does vary depending on region, some items are available all year round in canned or frozen form.

With summer approaching, it is an ideal time to enjoy avocados, perhaps served on toast or mashed in guacamole to accompany some vegan nachos. Feeling more adventurous? Why not experiment with rhubarb, an often overlooked vegetable that can be used in a mixture of sweet or savory dishes. Lentil and rhubarb stew anyone?

Get the #VeganVibes Party Started!

Organizing a party for a vegan group of friends is the perfect opportunity to indulge your passion for healthy food. And although there’s a lot to do, it needn’t be daunting. There is the guest list to plan, arranging the party space and the fun job of deciding what exciting food to serve. With most parties, a good place to start is finger food. You want something that is eaten in a few bites and doesn’t make too much mess. Why not order some Spicy Buffalo Wings and Carrot Keftedes?

When it comes to drinks, power smoothies are the way to go, especially if you are wanting to avoid serving alcohol – give your guests a choice of fruit base and inspire some interesting conversations as they debate over which taste combination is best. If you are serving alcohol, most hard liquor brands are vegan. When stocking the bar, be sure to avoid any cream-based liqueur or anything mentioning honey on the label.

Tempting vegan dishes can be consumed at any time of the year, during any meal and for all occasions. With so many dishes to choose from on the Copper Branch menu, you really are spoild for choice.